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Athena is a speaker, professional mindfulness teacher, mindfulness-based emotional intelligence trainer and healer, a certified social worker, a certified yoga instructor, and a regular columnist, dedicated to helping people create meaning and wellbeing in their lives while promoting mindfulness and meditation practice in their personal and professional space. 


She is the first Search Inside Yourself certified teacher in Hong Kong, a world renowned mindfulness leadership program developed at Google and has now spread to 150 cities and global corporations such as Ford, SAP, LinkedIn, American Express and Roche.


Athena has conducted over 3,000 mindfulness and meditation training and workshops internationally in different styles for stress reduction, creativity, vision and goal, resilience, team building, relationship counseling, parenting, as well as health management. Her clients include, but not limited to lululemon, L’oreal, John Swire & Sons H.K., Vitasoy International Holdings limited, Manulife, Green Monday, Mind Reset, TWGHs, The University of HK, and many more.


In addition to teaching SIY and leading mediation workshops, she is also a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence trainer and healer. In 2015 she founded Mindful Fitness Studio and Breathing Space, cutting edge studios promoting the integration of mindfulness practices and physical exercise in Hong Kong. Athena offers group and private sessions, and coaches individuals seeking to increase their level of social and emotional intelligence in their personal and professional lives.


Athena is a certified social worker in Hong Kong, and has spent many years in the senior management ranks of various local NGOs. She became passionate about mindfulness and meditation after her transformative journey meeting and training under Thich Nhat Hanh in his monastery in Bordeaux France, Plum Village. She is now a full-time mindfulness and meditation advocate and teacher. 


Known for her engaging and authentic teaching style, Athena has guided thousands of people through workshops and training for nearly a decade. Her philosophy is to unite people with wisdom, love and compassion, encouraging mindful living for a better self and society. 


Meditation • Emotional Healer • Teacher • Trainer • Counseling • Speaker • Columnist 

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